Organic Composite Energy Materials Laboratory

유기 복합 에너지 소재 연구실 

Welcome to OCEM Lab @ KIST Jeonbuk.

We design a sustainable future using organic composite materials !!!

We are a member of Nanocomposite Research Group (NRG) in KIST Jeonbuk.

Please visit NRG Website for more information.

Research Highlights

Organic Electrode Materials for Next-Generation Batteries

Selected as 

one of the 50 Excellent Research 

in 2020 by MOE

Designing High-rate Organic

 Electrode Materials

Energy Envion. Sci. 2020, 13, 


Electrolyte Optimization

for Realizing

High Energy Cathodes

Adv. Energy. Mater. 2020, 10,


Bio-inspired Redesign

for Redox Flow Batteries

Chem (Cell Press) 2019, 5,


We are seeking to develop novel molecular design strategies for future energy applications by understanding the redox mechanism of organic materials. For achieving high performance, we focus on fabricating novel composite electrode materials with nanocarbons.

Recent News

Positions Available

We are looking for graduate students, research interns, and post-docs who are interested in research fields including materials chemistry, organic chemistry, electrochemistry, carbon composites, and energy storages.

Please contact Dr. Ji Eon Kwon via email ( ), if you are interested.

For more information, click here.

우리 연구실에서는 미래 친환경 배터리 개발을 위한 유기 및 유기 복합 전극 소재 연구에 관심이 있는 학부 실습생, 석/박/통합과정생, 인턴연구원 및 포스닥 연구원을 모집하고 있습니다.

관심있는 분들은 이메일 ( )로 연락 바랍니다.

자세한 사항은 이곳을 참고해 주세요.

News (click here for more information)

16 May 2024: Happy Teacher's day. Thank you all OCEMLab members!

26 Apr 2024: Had a barbecue party for wishing a good harvest.

23 Apr 2024: Hyojin's paper (Adv. Energy Sustain. Res. 2022, 3, 2200030) stands out as one of the top 10 most-cited papers. Congrat!

22 Apr 2024: Planted vegetables together in the KIST Jeonbuk Family Farm again. Sojaknong Season 2 just started! Wish for a good harvest!

03-05 Apr 2024: OCEM Lab members attented the spring meetings of the Polymer Society of Korea and the Korean Electochemical Society.

20 Mar 2024: Hyojin's paper (Adv. Energy Sustain. Res. 2022, 3, 2200030) stands out as one of the most downloaded articles. Congrat!

04 Mar 2024: Bo Min joined the group as a undergraduate researcher. Welcome Bo Min!

29 Feb 2024: Bid farewell to Jihye. Hope to see you again.

28 Feb 2024: Took group photos.

23 Feb 2024: Yunho's manuscript has been accepted in J. Ind. Eng. Chem. Congrat!

02 Jan 2024: Dr. Kwon received the Jeonbuk Governor's Commendation at the 2024 KIST Jeonbuk new year ceremony. 

02 Jan 2024: Geumpil and Hyoju joined the group as a master's degree student. Welcome all!

22 Dec 2023: Jihye joined the group as a undergraduate researcher. Welcome Jihye!

21 Dec 2023: Had an end-of-year party for welcoming new members and Hyojin's farewell. Good luck and hope to see you again, Hyojin.

01 Nov 2023: The manuscript by Hyunji and Hyojin has been accepted in Energy Environ. Mater. Congrat!

11-14 Oct 2023: All OCEM Lab members attended the Polymer Society of Korea 2023 Fall Meeting in Jeju Island. Hyojin and Seongjin gave a poster and an oral presentation, respectively.

03 Oct 2023: Yunho's manuscript has been accepted in ACS Appl. Energy Mater. Congrat!

16 Aug 2023: Played bowling together and had a farewell party for Yeong Chan. Hope to see you again!

24 Jul 2023: Had a farewell party for Suyeon. Wish you good luck in Samsung!

28 Jun 2023: Had the second barbecue party with Dr. Son's and Dr. Park's group!

07-08 Jun 2023: Hyojin gave a poster presentation at Organic Battery Days 2023 held in San Sebastian, Spain.